Paul Kominers

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I am an associate at Anderson & Kreiger LLP, where I assist governmental and private clients with civil litigation, municipal law, and land use matters. I also regularly volunteer with the Boston Bar Association's CORI Sealing Clinic, where I provide pro bono assistance to those hoping to seal or expunge old criminal records.

I will clerk for the Honorable Michael M. Baylson, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, beginning in 2019.

I graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School in 2018. There, I was co-President and Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Journal on Legislation, and served on the boards of Harvard Law's ACS chapter, the HLS Urbanists, and the Jewish Law Students' Association, and in various roles in HLS's student government. I was a Fellow of the Rappaport Fellows Program in Law and Public Policy in the summer of 2016.

Before starting law school, I worked at Democracy Works, a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to making voting a simple, seamless experience for all Americans.

I studied economics and political science at MIT and graduated in 2012. I received the Karl Taylor Compton Prize in 2012 for my contributions to the Institute and the Margaret L.A. Macvicar '65, ScD '67 Award in 2018 for alumni service. I served on the MIT Corporation from 2013-2018, and actively volunteer in various roles.

I am proud to be able to call this gentleman my brother.

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  August 2018 -   present

Anderson & Kreiger LLP


I counsel public and private clients on civil litigation, zoning and land use law, the Open Meeting Law and Public Records Law, constitutional law, and other matters.

  January - August   2017

Anderson & Kreiger LLP

Law Clerk

  January 2017

Attorney General's Office

Clinical Intern, Trial and Administrative Law Divisions

I analyzed legal issues relevant to the cross-appeal of a multimillion-dollar jury award and wrote a memorandum on various jurisdictions' approaches to an issue at the intersection of privacy and public records.


Governor Baker's Office of Legal Counsel

Legal Intern

I researched and wrote memoranda on legal issues facing the Massachusetts Governor’s Office and executive branch, including labor, immigration, municipal government, and state constitutional issues.

  2013 - 2018

MIT Corporation


I served on visiting committees for the Dean of Undergraduate Education; the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics; and the Department of Music and Theater Arts. I also served on the Corporation Joint Advisory Committee for Institute-Wide Affairs and the Corporation Screening Committee for Nomination of Recent Graduates.

  2015 - 2018

Harvard Law School

J.D. Candidate


Democracy Works

Operations Specialist

I developed and implemented a plan to move years of partner data from a homegrown system of spreadsheets to a formal customer relationship management system.

  2013 - 2014

Democracy Works

Project Manager, Voting Information Project

Democracy Works is the engineering team on Pew and Google’s Voting Information Project, which provides access online to standardized polling place, election official, and early vote information to voters nationwide. I managed a four-person team working with state partners to provide Voting Information Project data for 2014 November midterm elections and more than 25 state primary elections.

  2012 - 2013

Democracy Works

Research Director, TurboVote

TurboVote is a free online service which streamlines voter registration and voting by mail nationwide. I gathered information on local, state, and federal elections and election procedures to support TurboVote and worked with the software development team to translate that information into development goals and requirements. I also managed TurboVote’s help desk.

  2008 - 2012


B.S. Economics and Political Science

Thesis: "The Impact of Autocracy on Online Censorship." Advised by Professor Chappell Lawson (MIT Political Science), Professor Parag Pathak (MIT Economics), Professor Benjamin Edelman (Harvard Business School). Presented May 17, 2012.

  2011 - 2012

Professor Benjamin Edelman

Harvard Business School

Research Assistant

I researched and co-authored working papers studying biased search results in apartment rental sites and consumer protection problems in online discount vouchers such as Groupon. I also compiled local laws for a tool for preparing complaints about discount vouchers, and provided general research support to other projects.

  2010 - 2011
   2011 - 2012

Professor John Palfrey and Dr. Urs Gasser

Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard

Research Assistant

I co-authored a case study about privacy laws in the smart grid, and wrote case studies on interoperability on the smart grid and on the "Internet of Things." I also provided general research support to other projects involving interoperability or privacy.

  2009 - 2010

Professor Robert Gibbons

MIT Economics

Research Assistant

I provided research support on topics in organizational economics, in particular the NK model of rugged landscapes.


Mob Media Project

Human Dynamics Group, MIT Media Lab

Research Assistant

I managed the Random Hall Phones experiment, and researched relevant law applying to our use of data. I presented with them at the Engaging Data Forum in October 2009.

Paul Kominers


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